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Woops A Daisy by Hugs 'n Kisses


As today's designer with the Summer Workshop Project, here is my free summer project. Quick and simple and a bit of fun, you could stitch it in any colour or thread, applique or Colourque parts or all of the design. Have fun, happy summer for Northerners, and happy winter stitching for my Southern friends.

hugs, Helen



Woops a Daisy    approx 6" x 6" design



  • 6 1/2" square background stitchery fabric

  • 6 1/2" square fusible pellon (very lightweight fusible batting) or whisperweft

  • small scraps for applique

  • matching cotton thread for applique - applique needle

  • Presencia Finca#16 Perle cottons - I have listed what I used but match yours to the fabrics you choose to use. 5229 Medium Khaki green, 1984 Medium Antique Rose, 3312 Medium baby blue

  • #7/8 Crewel needle/ 6-8" embroidery hoop

  • Coloured pencil/Textile medium/small round paint brush (optional)


Download and print your design sheet.

Download woopsadaisy.pdf



Using a light box and soft mechanical lead pencil trace your design onto background fabric.

If desired colour stems and butterfly wings using coloured pencil. If you think your project may be laundered seal the colour with a textile medium and small paint brush

Fuse fabric to pellon (very lightweight fusible batting) or whisperweft to stabalise whilst stitching.

Insert into 6-8” embroidery hoop.

Using a single strand of Presencia  Finca#16 Perle thread or two strands of a stranded cotton stitch all
drawn lines except the flower centres which are appliqued. (of course you could choose to stitch these also).

Use a running stitch for the flower petals and a backstitch for all others. Satin stitch is used on the
butterfly mouth.

Cut out applique templates and mark onto right side of applique fabric using a removable marker. Cut out leaving a small seam allowance.

Position and turn under seam allowances, stitch using a blind applique stitch and matching thread. (of course you may have a preferred alternative method of applique - feel free to use it. :)

Complete the blue running stitch over the top of your applique.

Border or finish your design into any project you wish.


Happy Stitching!
hugs, Helen