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Honeycombs the iron on way

Honeycomb blocks are used for the popular Lucy Boston quilt blocks. they are made just like hexies but here is a quick reminder of how to start. Fuse the pre-cut iron on to the wrong side of your chosen fabrics. You can position for fussy cutting which 1000’s are having fun with around the world or just fuse as you wish. Using a good pair of scissors roughly cut out leaving approximately 1/4” seam allowance.

Using a fabric glue pen (just use one edge, you don’t need the full thick line) run a line of glue along the edge of the paper on one end, no wider than the seam allowance (then you should never get sticky fingers). Try to keep it away from the fabric so you won’t end up stitching through glue.

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Glue on edge at a time and work your way around the shape – this means that your corners will be glued down nicely. Do not roll the edge of the paper in – just fold until you feel the edge of the paper and then push down onto the glue – not inwards onto the paper. To stitch use an applique needle and fine strong thread. I use the Superior bottom line thread – 60wt polyester and Hugs ‘n Kisses applique needles (because they have nice big eyes to thread)

Start with a knot. insert your needle into the seam allowance away from your starting point – this buries the knot out of the way. Take the needle to your starting point through the seam allowance.with your two shapes nicely sitting together begin by taking the needle through the exact two points – don’t pull thread firmly as you will gather up your seam from where the knot sits… take the needle through the same two points again, pull thread almost all the way through, but then take the needle through the loop before tightening to make a knot. You are now ready to whip stitch this seam just like you do with hexies… knot at the other end of this seam, turn and insert your next piece..

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