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EPP Quilt-along by Hugs 'n Kisses

Are you doing the EPPQAL?  please read these FAQ’s if you have any questions – I have compiled these from the many questions we have already been asked… as it is difficult to keep up with answering the 100’s of questions we are getting from across the world.




I cannot access the pattern – the password says too many attempts?

We are trying to resolve this issue but unfortunately, we are not getting much response from Dropbox Help. It seems that whenever anyone (out of over 250 ladies) types it incorrectly, then that is an attempt and it has to reset for a minute or so. Most people have eventually gotten in by just keep trying and slipping in before it resets.

I am working to resolve this but I'm not having much luck. So please be patient if you are having difficulties, and PLEASE  try and enter the given password correctly – even a mistype or a capslock etc will lock the system. I understand your frustration but answering hundreds of the same emails with problems is taking time too – which I need to be spending trying to fix the issue. To make matters worse, every time I test it, it works fine Smile  So I can’t get the error to replicate on my end and I cannot see what you are doing on your end when it happens to you. BTW, it is only happening for about 5% of you.


What are the fabric requirements?

This is a scrappy quilt so you can use as many or as few fabrics as you like. Our packs included 8 fat quarters and 16 fat eights which is plenty – this also includes the background fabrics which are not all the same in our version.


Do the fabric requirements include the background fabrics?

As above – yes… you will probably have enough to piece binding also but I haven't included that or backing fabric.


Can we have a photo of the finished quilt to help choose our fabrics?

No! It is and always was a mystery quilt. Be brave – it's fun to see what everyone is choosing and using – it is designed as a scrappy quilt so everything will look great – different but great…just relax, use fabrics you love – and go with the flow…


Can we see peoples work and progress?

Sure can – and we want to see yours too! Share on Instagram using the hashtag #EPPQAL and join our Facebook group – lots of sharing happening there.


I'm not getting my emails.

To ensure your messages don't go to spam when you are getting so many, please add to your email whitelist.


How do I get my patterns?

When you purchased your paper pack to signup, your email address (the one you submitted with your order) was added to a mailing list. An email is sent to you through that third party mailing list with a link to each pattern part (plus a few odd extra messages here and there). You need to click on the link in that email. Your chosen browser will open and in the window a box will appear asking for a password.


Screenshot 2015-10-05 16.59.51 


Enter the password that was on the email for this part… this is very important – it is also important to enter it correctly or you will freeze the system for everyone else too. then click enter and your pattern will load (it may take several seconds).  You then need to click in the top right corner- download and save to your computer or device.


Screenshot 2015-10-05 17.01.44

Screenshot 2015-10-05 17.01.44


If you do have a dropbox account you can save it to your dropbox folder.


Screenshot 2015-10-05 17.04.25(2)


Do I have to have a Dropbox account?
no, you do not need a dropbox account to view and download the patterns.


How long do I have to download the file?

each pattern link is live for 2 weeks from the day you receive the email. So download and save within that two week time frame to not miss out.


Do I have to have a computer or device to partake?
yes you certainly do – this is an online downloaded program. You need to know your device (computer, tablet, phone etc) or have someone who can assist you. We cannot be with everyone of you to see what operating system, device, program you are using to troubleshoot basic issues. If you can email and click on a link you should be good to go. Patterns will not be printed and posted – this low cost program can only survive as downloads to be available to all worldwide.


How do I print the patterns?

Once you have downloaded and saved the pattern as a PDF to your computer or device locate the file (using windows explorer or your systems file locater) and open the PDF. Note: you require a free Adobe Acrobat reader to read these files – most systems have this but if not download it here.

Select ‘print’.  On your printer settings dialog box ensure the ‘scale’ or ‘fit to print’ boxes are set to none – you don’t want to change the size of your pattern or the templates will be incorrect.  select which pages you wish to print and if you’d like colour or b&w. Print.


What size are the pages for printing?

The pattern pages are set as A4 size pages. If there is a template on the pattern page you need to ensure you do not scale the print page in any way – select ‘none’ or no page scaling in your printer settings – even if you only have letter size paper available. Use the check measure to double check your print size after printing.


Screenshot 2015-10-13 10.47.10


If there are no templates on the page you can select fit to print to print on letter size paper.


Screenshot 2015-10-13 10.46.06


The applique paper pages in the patterns (when included) are setup on Letter sized paper – because that is the size of your included applique paper – so when printing select – do not scale and select Letter paper size. Use the check measure if unsure.


Screenshot 2015-10-13 10.48.16


How do I print my applique templates?

If an Applique paper print file is included in your pattern you can print your shapes directly onto the applique paper sheets included in your paper pack. You need an Inkjet printer and the cheaper ones with the gravity fed paper tray (from the top) work the best. You will be printing onto the dull side of the paper.

Open your PDF file and look at what page the applique paper sheet is. select print- then enter just the page number for this page. Select  ‘do not scale’ and “letter’ for the paper size.



How do I cut on a cameo or Brother Scan and cut?

I don’t have any experience on these machines but I have had both companies test the printing on them for me and they both said it worked perfectly. So I’m not much help with settings etc. However I was told by the companies that PDF files would work for both. For the Brother you would print and scan the page, for cameo Amy has tested for us and has had success with these settings.

She also converted the file to a jpeg first – I am not sure if this was the only way of if the PDF would also work.

‘I used the blue (fabric) blade set at 3. I put the fusible side down on the mat.’

Member questions:


Quick Question - I ordered the fabric pack, but it seems to not have all the exact same colors/designs as the part 1 info and the pictures I'm seeing posted. Is the fabric pack somewhat random - different people getting different colors and designs?

answer: when I started this i was truly just using my scraps - when it took off and we decided to do the fabric packs - it would have just been too many fabrics for you (too expensive and lots leftover) so we chose 'similar' or same fabrics and just lessened the amount. So it will be fairly similar - in colour and tonal values but there may be one or two hexies or shapes in there in a random fabric - which you will just choose something that is close. The main fabrics that are obvious should be pretty much the same - ie the backgrounds - at least lights vs darks - and the colour - ie a pink spot may have ended up being a pink flower (if we ran out) but they will read the same. hope all that makes sense - we really didn't want to sell you more than you needed if you weren't doing it from your scrap stash...


Given that I did not purchase the fabric kit, is there a fabric requirements list or have I just missed that somewhere and a suggested fabrics for the blocks? Or am I just making it up as I go?

answer: You require a minimum 18 fat quarters or 8 fat quarters and 16 fat eights for a more scrappy look


What background fabric do i need:

answer:background fabric is included in the fabric requirements.... so no you don't need extra = I haven't just used all lights as backgrounds, sometimes i have used a medium to dark background with lights on top - as long as they contrast somewhat.. If you purchased my fabric packs you can follow along (if we didn't have the exact med blue we would have substituted for another med blue) if you are using your own fabrics, just mix it up.. Don't stress though, it is a scrappy quilt. For example Fiona Fee Ransley who is doing it in the tilda fabrics is using all tone on tone creams for her backgrounds only... so you can use just all lights or even all just one fabric - and although I haven't worked out the requirements for just the backgrounds it would be equivalent to about 9 fat quarters.


How do I measure the hexagons?

answer: hexagons are measured on each straight side. So for 1" hexies the six sides should each measure 1" - not across the middle or from point to point.

II am getting everyones comments as emails from dropbox.

answer: you should only be able to comment in dropbox if you have signed into an account. If you have then on the right side where the comments are showing at the link, click on the options at the top and select unsubscrbie from notifications...... otherwise, you will see every comment that is made by all of our members.... up to you - its fun to see the comments too..

What are the EPP iron-ons?

English paper piecing shapes cut from Hugs ‘n Kisses applique paper – which is 50% soluble with a glue on one side. Which means, you iron the precut shape to your fabric, glue over the edges, stitch it up AND LEAVE THE PAPERS IN! so easy….. there are many other positives of this product that make the process so easy and forgiving for all skill levels.



What is the free EPPQAL?

Learn the joy of English Paper piecing the Hugs ‘n Kisses way!

Join with us on this 26 part Quilt along – learn many shapes, techniques, a little gluestick applique and more.




There are 26 parts and we will release them randomly – maybe two a week, depending on how involved the block is and when I'm home/or away to do it Smile

All we ask in return for this great free pattern is that you share, share, share. share your work, your love of the iron ons, your progress, and your excitement!!! use the hashtag #EPPQAL  and there may even be random prizes drawn along the way…

What fabrics did you use?

I have used my Fancywork Box and Basically Hugs fabrics for my quilt version –which is what you will see each month. The design is based on a scrappy layout and we have a fabric pack available to help you start – 8 fat quarters and 16 fat eights – this will be plenty to make your quilt top.

Hugs fabric pack – (optional) 

Add Me


$90 + postage. (please select other for postage- if more is required we will contact you before processing)

Other things you would have in your sewing box – but if not they are available from here.

Sewline Glue pen & refills

Hugs ‘n Kisses applique needles

Roxanne’s Glue baste it

Karen Kay Buckley perfect scissors

Bottomline sewing thread in neutral colours

Inkjet printer or Sewline ceramic pencil.


Fee is working on another version using the lovely Tilda Autumn tree range. Ask your local store for a fat quarter pack to get you started – this version looks so different, dreamy and gorgeous… search #EPPQAL to see photos of Fee’s progress on Instagram or Facebook.

You can see lots of peeks of what you will be making on my instagram feed or Facebook page. And you may like to join in our Facebook group just for EPPQAL gals..