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About Hugs'n Kisses

Don't like to waste a minute of life? Need to achieve something for yourself each day?

That's me! I can’t get through a day without a little bit of stitching therapy for myself, my time out, my third space.. Life is too short, and we can waste too many moments without realizing it.

So, being one not to want to miss out, I've created techniques and products that mean we can all stitch for just a few minutes each day and feel so much better for it.

You say you don’t have time for this? - believe me, once you have everything prepared - and our patterns and products make this so simple and quick (iron on transfers, precut papers, printable applique sheets, anything we think of to make the process perfect) then you only need 5 minutes in your day to make it happen. On a train to work, waiting at the kids sports practice, in the Dr’s waiting room, when you finally collapse at the end of the day in your comfy chair?

I promise once you take up simple embroidery or iron on gluestick applique, or simple Iron on-leave in English Paper Piecing - you too will be addicted and find those 5 minutes a day which will make your life so much happier and fulfilled.

Why do we stitch? Apart from the proven and documented health benefits. I believe:

It feels good to make something with our own hands

It feels good to know we CAN make something with our own hands

It feels good to see something we make finished and displayed or adored

It feels good when others comment and compliment our achievements

It feels good when we give something we make to others and see their reaction

It feels good to be able to tell someone how we feel when to some this is difficult to express

It feels good to be able to give strength or pleasure to others when we do this special thing for them

It feels good to bring that special feeling to individuals, families, communities and the world

So, if you were feeling that good about yourself why wouldn’t you do it more??It gives self esteem, It gives self confidence, It helps reduce loneliness and isolation –through distance, age, disability, race, colour or personality

It fosters a caring, sharing attitude to the individual, group and then to the world, so get on board and let us help you find your passion.

So who are we?

Well I, Helen Stubbings, am just a normal country girl who grew up‘making’... I am the designer behind the brand which has grown simply from a pure love of stitching. With no formal art education, no university degree but a drive and passion that has brought me to here.

Photo courtesy of Craftsy

Hugs ‘n Kisses was born out of a life in Defence - yes I was first a full time professional musician in the Australian Army - with many hours wasted on buses travelling to parades and gigs - my solution? - take up cross-stitch, then embroidery, then sewing, then patchwork and anything else I could get my hands on.

I soon also became an army wife - moving around the country with no family support, a husband away a lot and two small children. Stitching (my general term for all things patchwork, quilting, sewing, embroidery etc ) was my savior - a way to meet other like minded supportive people, a way to pass the days home with children, a way to achieve something for me.

Since officially forming in 2001 we have now grown to a worldwide business, I travel across the world teaching, we sell our patterns, books and products worldwide and I am lucky to meet like minded passionate stitchers in every country.

I now publish books both myself and with Landauer Publishing & Martingale publishing; Design fabric for P&B Fabrics;I’ve helped design threads for Cottage Garden hand dyed threads and Lecien Cosmo Seasons ranges;I teach for Craftsy and at many shows, stores and guilds around the world. I’m also a ‘Friend of Bernina’ -machines which I’ve sewn on for over 20 years, a Superior Star and Aurifil designer. Ive done many many commissions for Australian and many international magazines. I consider myself to be so lucky to be doing something I love.

During this time of steady growth, I developed a few techniques and products that I love to use including Colourque (TM), Applique paper and EPP Iron-ons that we sell and distribute world wide.

In 2016 we embarked on some huge expansion - finally getting my house back- and moving to a new location,opening a retail shopfront, cafe and learning centre in Hobart, Tasmania and stepped up our renowned quilting events and gatherings.

In 2018 we purchased some new large equipment which allows us to custom cut our papers and also offer bespoke laser services to the wedding, event, quilting and giftware markets.

We have plans for future growth in Quilting Tourism in Tasmania and around the country. Sharing our passion with like minded men and women.

All of this does not happen on it’s own. Please meet our wonderful team


Honours and Awards:

Some of my quilts have traveled around the world in various exhibitions. I do this to challenge myself to do better, improve my skills,receive feedback and advice for improvement and to inspire others. Several of my quilts I have worked on in collaboration with my very clever sister Tracey Browning of Constantine Quilts. If you’d like to see some of our awarded quilts please visit here.



Hugs ‘n Kisses has been completing commissions around the world since 1999.We have been fortunate to work with magazines, blogs and programs of the highest quality. Many of these include free tutorials, free patterns and bonus’s. Please visit our Media page to see what’s out there.



Giving back and making a difference through ‘stitching’ is very important to me. Hugs ‘n Kisses has long been involved in two main charity programs; Quiltaid - which over three years raised over $20,000 for Fistula programs,and Snugglybugs - making specialized quilts for children diagnosed with terminal or long term treatment diseases.

To read about these or potentially join in, please visit out Charity page.